Candle-light up your life!

When I settle down to knit, the very first thing I do is light a few candles. It doesn't matter if it's the coldest darkest winter evening or a fair summer's night - candles for me are a must!

I started to think - why is this? What is it about candles that fill me with such a sense of joy? So I started to do a little research. 

Candles are a must have for Hygge (see our blog post on Hygge)! Meik Wiking's book (check it out here) explains that the Danish Happiness Research Institute revealed that 85% of people associate Hygge with candles.

Denmark, where Hygge originates, uses more candles per capita than any other country in the world, with over 28% of Danes lighting candles every day.

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So why are candles so important for Hygge?

Well, it's mainly due to the association of lights being used to make spaces feel relaxed and warm. Denmark, and other counties in the northern hemisphere, don't get much natural light in the winter months. This absence of light can influence people's mood. How you light a room can ensure the creation of a cosy space to make the winter months enjoyable.

Candles create Hygge as it makes the atmosphere more intimate and cosy. The candlelight is not too bright and brings a feeling of comfort. "Levende lys" means candles in Danish and translates to "living light", as they are deemed more natural a light than an electric light and therefore leads to the almost instantaneous feeling of Hygge.

We love grouping candles in 3s or 5s to create pools of light which help to brighten up a space.

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