Introducing - Bonbi Forest

Woo Hoo! We would like to introduce the flock to Bonbi Forest!

This brand is the home of the artwork and wares made by artist Lee Foster-Wilson. Lee lives by the sea in a rural part of Cornwall in the far south-west of England.

Bonbi Forest

Lee loves to explore patterns, rhythms and stories, correlating the connection of people to nature and our relationships with each other. One of her mantra's is 'the wild world shapes us and we shape it' which we just love at Flock & Fern.

From her amazing selection of cards, prints, stationery and jewellery, you'll see that Lee loves combining an array of shapes and colours to create her fantastic designs.

We are super stoked to be stocking Bonbi Forest and hope you love it just as much as we do! You can check out all the lovely Bonbi Forest products here.

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Much love!

Mhari xx