Our philosophy

For anyone new to Flock & Fern, welcome! We are a small, independent, family run company whose philosophy is to share and inspire the feeling of joy. Whether in your own home, work place or to share with a friend, we are all about wellness, feeling good, crafting and the beautiful little things in life.

One key aspect to that is embracing hygge.

'Hygge' is a Danish term that relates to the feeling of cosiness that comes from doing simple things such as lighting candles, baking, or spending time at home snuggled up in a lush blanket and watching Netflix with your family.

Our journey

Let me tell you a little about us and our journey. I (Mhari) started to learn to knit when I was a bit of a stressed out mess battling through a PhD in engineering! I read an article that knitting could help relieve stress, anxiety and help with depression - all three were stifling me at the time.

And, well, it worked! I was hooked! Knitting gave me a huge feeling of satisfaction, due to being able to produce something physical, beautiful and tangible. I loved the sense of achievement from finishing a knitting project and that sparked a real sense of joy within me.

After cladding my friends and family in knitwear of various varieties (some not so great in the beginning - sorry folks!), I started to explore the potential of selling my own products.

My first gig was a local craft fair which couldn't have gone better. The compliments poured in and I didn't want to stop there. So then I set up an Etsy shop and have been really successful to date. The only problem is it is difficult to grow because I only have one pair of knitting hands!

During one of our long countryside walks, my fiance James suggested I perhaps think beyond just selling knitted creations, and try to encompass the whole feeling that I get whilst sitting knitting: the candles, the cushions, the lovely home decor - the feeling of joy deep down. And so, here it is - Flock & Fern! Our aim is to source and create fantastic products that will help spark joy in your life, provide knitting tutorials, offer a variety of crafting supplies and surprise you with great gift ideas!

Next steps

We are now in full swing of sourcing some fantastic products and brands that will help support our philosophy.

Check in regularly to keep up-to-date with new products and brands and don't forget to follow us on socials.

Much love xx