Heyland & Whittle

Hibiscus & White Tea Reed Diffuser 200ml

£24.99 £26.99

Heyland & Whittle, London, popular Eco-Collection of fragrant reed diffusers is the eco-friendly, sustainable way to fragrance your home.

This Hibiscus & White Tea fragrance is calming and relaxing. A blend of woody citrus notes of White Tea with gentle florals Hibiscus, Freesia and Jasmine create this gentle aroma with feel-good benefits.

The new Eco-Collection of fragrant reed diffusers are made from 100% recycled glass,  and beautifully yet economically packaged in 100% recycled card which is itself 100% recyclable. The reed diffuser vessels can be re-purposed again and again as water and juice bottles or cut flower vases. Lovely to look at and useful too! 

To use place the rattan reeds into the bottle, immersing them in the liquid and the perfume will be drawn up through the reeds. To increase the intensity of the fragrance simply remove the rattan reeds, flip them over and place back in the bottle.


ethanol (alcohol denat) monopropylene glycol, parfum. Containing citral, citronellol, coumarin, d-limonene, geraniol, linalool

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