Wxy. Studio

Pepper / Guaiac Studio 2 Candle 6 Oz. Grey


Wxy. Studio100% plant-based wax candles, paraben free fragrance oils.

This is the second addition of custom candle vessels designed by the wxy. studio.

No two candles are the same as the dye added during the manufacturing process gives each vessel a unique colouration! Also, the candle vessel has been designed to be reused or repurposed!

    Sustainability: This candle has been consciously made to reduce our footprint and supports our mission to be a little bit better every day.

    • 6oz custom made smooth concrete vessel designed in the wxy. studio
    • unique dye colouration

    • 100% soy wax candle

    • hand poured in the UK

    • tissue wrapped and contained in a matt grey with dye accents drum box

    • 3% of profits to charity

    • vegan, paraben free

    • please re-use after the candle has finished

    7.6 x 10.2 cm (3″ x 4″)
    Weight: 453.6 g (1 lb)

    Soy Wax, Cotton Wick

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